The Scoop on the 2008 Open Source CMS Awards

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Open Source Awards from PacktPub
Summer’s getting into full swing…and that means more web awards getting moving as well.With open source being such hot topics lately in tech news, this year promises to be a good one.The 2008 Open Source CMS Awards from PacktPub are coming.Names like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and even Plone have been circulating more and more around the web since the changing of the year.With some of these vendors topping lists like Technorati’s Top 100 Blogs and the WebWare Top 100 list, the competition at the 2008 Open Source CMS Awards is sure to heat up.Last years highlights included Drupal winning the overall Award and five other systems taking the rest of the awards.The format this year is essentially the same as last year with the swapping of the Open Source Social Networking category for the Open Source Content Management Systems category.MVP’s will be announced during the final week along with the features of their CMS that allowed them to win based on their projects.

Details of the 2008 Open Source CMS Awards

Categories and Prizes* Overall Winner – $5,000; $3,000; $2,000* Most Promising – $2,000; $1,000; $1,000* Best PHP - $2,000; $500; $500* Best Other - $2,000; $500; $500Awards Time Table* July 14 - Nominations open* August 25 - Nominations close* September 1 - Finalists announced and voting opens* October 20 - Voting ends* October 27 - Open Source Content Management System MVPs announced* October 28 - Best Other Open Source CMS announced* October 29 - Best PHP Open Source CMS announced* October 30 - Most Promising Open Source CMS announced* October 31 - Overall Winner announced Rules (as posted by Packt)# Only nominations for open source Content Management Systems will be counted# Only one nomination per person, per category will be counted# The five open source Content Management Systems with the most nominations will go through to the final in each category# A CMS cannot win the Overall category and the Most Promising category. They must be won by different CMSs. However, the same CMS can win the Overall and Best PHP/Other Award, for example.# The most promising category is open for Open Source Content Management Systems whose first release was under two years ago as of July 14, 2008. The judges for each category are different, which means results for the same CMS could be different across categories. CMSs that entered the 2007 Most Promising category, that are still eligible for 2008 are invited to enter.# During the final voting stage, only one vote per person will be counted # The top three will be voted for by a panel of three judges. A final fourth vote will come from the results of a public vote on www.PacktPub.com# All judges are independent and their decision is final# Category Award winners will be decided on a points basis. The CMS that the judges and public have voted as the number one will be awarded three points. The second placed CMS will receive two points and the third placed CMS will receive one point. The CMS with the highest number of points overall will be declared the winner# In the event of a tie, an extra independent judge will be brought in# Packt Publishing has no influence, input or say in the finalists or winners of any Award category# The winners of the 4gb Apple iPod Nano will be chosen at random and will be contacted directly by PacktIf you're not ready for the awards, get ready.They're coming soon and you don't want to miss out.Stay tuned for results this fall...