Drupal themes abound
Like many other open source CMS platforms, Drupal needs more than just standard themes available to their users. There are a number of places to find Drupal themes, including the latest offering from DrupalShark.With 250,000 businesses web wide using Drupal, it’s a wonder that when users would look for new style themes, their efforts were frequently fruitless.Part of the problem seemed to stem from word of mouth spreading that Drupal was non-developer friendly and was difficult to create themes for. This may have been true years ago, but not so much anymore.It’s this very reason that made DrupalShark.com owner Rob DeCoste want to start creating quality, new styled themes for Drupal.Since going live in April DrupalShark has released two different commercial themes for Drupal.

Commercial Drupal Themes from DrupalShark

Galapagos News/Magazine ThemeThis theme is a great theme for those interested in web publishing on a larger scale than just a blog.Here is a list of the features from Galapagos.* Currently compatible with Drupal 5.x and 6.x* Support for CCK, Views, Imagecache and Video Filter modules * 100% Tableless CSS Layout * W3C Valid XHTML and CSS * Fixed Width * Four Color Styles * Custom Typography * Suckerfish and Enchanced Menus * Tested with FF2, IE7, IE6, Safari and Opera

Hammerhead Web Portal ThemeThis is a fantastic theme that will rival Joomla’s web portal themes.Below are the features that make Hammerhead a step in the right direction for Drupal theme’s.* Compatible with Drupal 5.x and 6.x* 100% Tableless CSS Layout* W3C Valid XHTML and CSS* Fluid or Fixed Width* Three Layout Styles - Portal, Blog and News* Resizable Side Bars* Three Color Styles* Custom Typography* Suckerfish and Enchanced Menus

5 More Place to Great Drupal Themes

DrupalShark isn’t the only place to get great themes for Drupal.It just happens to be the newest place to get some themes that prove Drupal’s long standing commitment to open source.And this certainly doesn’t mean that the great Drupal themes of the past are gone; quite the contrary actually.# Drupal.org# Theme Garden# Template Monster# Top Notch Themes# SiteGroundThis solidifies the fact that Drupal is a powerhouse open source CMS that is here to stay and that developers using Drupal want it to stay around -- to the point they are developing themes to keep Drupal at the top of the game in CMS. With the power of the theme at your fingertips, Drupal becomes a web weapon to be reckoned with.