Template Monster, Drupal
Everybody look out--Template Monster is approaching! *Cue menacing shot of actor in a cheesy monster costume rising over a miniature set of Tokyo*. But wait! This monster isn't here to harm us; it's here to help! As one of the largest template providers on the web, Template Monster has set its sights on Drupal, launching a series of design themes, or "skins" meant to make setting up a site on Drupal a breeze. The release of these Drupal templates falls into place with Template Monster's current strategic usability integration program. The program is aimed at hastening the website design process and simplifying the lives of administrators and webmasters by integrating extensively with popular CMS platforms. According to Template Monster representatives, demand was high for Drupal themes over the last year or two -- another important factor that lead to the launch of these themes, as well as a telltale sign of the widening appeal and user base of CMS products. "Even though Drupal developers claim that this platform is first of all a framework for building content management systems it still remains a very popular CMS platform," says David Braun, CEO of TemplateMonster. "It provides webmasters with a tremendous set of capabilities in their websites maintenance, it has a sophisticated system of automated functions, etc. But nevertheless Drupal CMS remains very simple to use and convenient". Drupal is no stranger to CMSWire. We've interviewed its founder Dries Buytaert and have kept up with upgrades (they're now on version 6). Drupal is a much-loved CMS for its depth and endless customizability, as well as its simplicity -- made even simpler if one uses these new templates. It offers users a system of personalized settings, an access control system, design themes system (which is what lets the Template Monster themes work their magic), system of content modification control, a built-in forum, and a flurry of other doodads that can make the most seasoned CMS geek drool while maintaining a low enough learning curve for a beginner to get started without too much fuss. After all, there's a reason why big shot companies such as AOL Corporate, Yahoo! Research, Harvard Science, and Open Source Initiative have chosen Drupal for their CMS . By providing reasonably priced templates (they go for around $50 a piece), Template Monster may have decreased the barrier of entry for the CMS beginner that much more. Check out TemplateMonster.com for more info.