Occasionally, even those operating in the cloud have to concern themselves with real-world trivialities such as signing legal contracts. EchoSign and SugarCRM (news, site) just made that a little easier for their users.

SugarCRM + EchoSign = Integrated E-Signatures

At this week’s SugarCon 2011, SugarCRM and EchoSign announced an integration between SugarCRM and EchoSign that allows customers to send contracts for legally binding e-signatures from SugarCRM. The integration automates the process of getting contracts signed, tracked and filed, making all events in the contract signing process accessible within the SugarCRM platform.

Why should SugarCRM users care? The integration of EchoSign within SugarCRM means that a deal can occur within the cloud, from the initial contact to closing and contract execution, potentially accelerating the sales cycle. EchoSign has integrated with for over five years -- now SugarCRM users have the same capabilities.

Other notable features in the integration include:

  • In-person signing: Allows users to gain access to contracts via tablets or laptops for those contracts that need an in-person signature
  • Contract expiration dates: Allows users to set a deadline for signature
  • Automatic integration with SugarCRM records: EchoSign associates signed contracts to the CRM record from which they were generated
  • ·Internationalization: Supports over 20 languages, including Japanese and simplified Chinese, which allows signers to use their native language


The e-Signature interface

The integration of e-signatures into SugarCRM fits well with the CRM provider’s recent push to become a “one-stop shop” for all things CRM, social and mobile -- all big themes at the recent SugarCon and in the latest release, 6.2, of Sugar 6. The platform allows users to foster relationships with tools such as web conferencing, social media and now management of legal contracts. EchoSign’s no-downloads-or extra-equipment approach to digital signatures will be attractive to SugarCRM’s cloud customer base.

Organizations seeking to streamline their customer engagement workflow should at least examine the SugarCRM plus EchoSign integration.

Getting E-Signatures

EchoSign e-Signatures for SugarCRM is available now on the SugarExchage here. EchoSign is offering a 14-day free trial for SugarCRM users. After the trial, the pricing changes to a monthly per-user fee with a minimum of 10 users. Existing EchoSign Enterprise or Global customers have no charge for installing the app inside of their SugarCRM instance.

Are you a SugarCRM or EchoSign user? Are you currently supporting digital signatures? Have you tried the SugarCRM EchoSign integration? What do you think?