eCube Brings Mashups to Enterprise
ECube Systems, a company that modernizes legacy systems, has joined the DreamFace Certified Partners Program. The partnership will allow ECube to tap into DreamFace's open source framework to deliver Enterprise 2.0 technology to organizations. We are talking the whole nine yards of the 2.0 magic: mashups, widgets, data apps and dashboards. By taking advantage of DreamFace's web 2.0 framework based on such Rich Internet Application (RIA) technologies as Ajax and Flex, eCube Systems can directly help businesses build mashups and simple data management applications. In addition, eCube can provide training, support and customized solutions for customers.

Web 2.0 Mashups with DreamFace

DreamFace's web 2.0 framework allows users and businesses to leverage existing information by creating applications that can utilize this data in various ways. For example, a user can take a feed that has location information and use that information to render a Google Maps-based mashup. Alternatively, businesses could leverage this information to look up previous sales and transactions. DreamFace Interactive Data Widget
DreamFace Interactive Data Widget The sky is the limit. Through the management of WebChannels, a user can create mini web 2.0 applications known as widgets. DreamFace Interactive WebChannels
DreamFace Interactive WebChannels Interface When all is said and done, businesses can make use of this technology by building enterprise applications, analytical applications, business intelligence applications and general mashups.

Mashing Things Up

Peter Marquez, eCube VP of marketing, had this to say about DreamFace's framework: "For IT organizations under pressure to deliver more with less, the DreamFace Open Source Web 2.0 Framework streamlines and speeds the development, integration and modernization processes." ECube Systems can make use of DreamFace's technology by allowing businesses to get in gear with modern technologies that make tasks easy of what might have been more challenging before web 2.0. Knowing how hard it is for enterprise to adopt web 2.0, this partnership should be yet another opportunity for enterprises to sink their teeth into all things new.