EditGrid Update: Analytics, Excel Link and Mo' Mashups

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EditGrid,saas spreadsheet vendor
EditGrid, purveyors of fine SaaS spreadsheet solutions, has issued a spanking new Spring release. EditGrid technology provides dynamic online spreadsheets which update in real time based on remote data. The new release focuses on empowering users to make better use of this technology through new mashups and to monetize their online resources through advertiser-oriented statistics gathering.New features:* Spreadsheet Analytics: Traffic metrics and analysis -- for squeezing more out of your advertisers.* Mashup Functions: More mashup madness with five new functions. EditGrid users can now fetch live data from Google , Yahoo! Finance, Reuters, Alexa and Compete.* EditGrid Excel Plus Plugin: The Excel bridge which we have covered before is now in public Beta, and is now bundled in this new release. Excel Plus streams data in real time from your desktop Excel spreadsheet, linking the power of your desktop app to your online spreadsheet. Currently only Excel 2003 is supported.* Template Library: More than 30 ready-to-go templates in categories such as accounting, administration, iPhone, management, marketing and Web analytics.If you're interested in an online spreadsheet solution, then EditGrid may well be the one for you. PC Mag recently reviewed it and named it as the best online spreadsheet product out there, ahead of strong competition from Google and Zoho. Along with dynamic linking and the real-time Excel bridge, EditGrid also imports from an impressive range of formats and has a version for iPhone which has proved popular.Interested? Go to EditGrid.