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  • EditGrid Update: Analytics, Excel Link and Mo' Mashups

    EditGrid, purveyors of fine SaaS spreadsheet solutions, has issued a spanking new Spring release. EditGrid technology provides dynamic online spreadsheets which update in real time based on remote data.

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  • Atlassian Editgrid Tie-in: Online Spreadsheets in Confluence Wiki

    EditGrid, one of Google's main rivals in the online spreadsheet department, is now available to users of hosted versions of the Confluence enterprise wiki from Atlassian. Confluence customers can now collaborate on spreadsheets in real time using EditGrid's technology and create or insert spreadsheets into Confluence pages.

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  • EditGrid Excel Plus Kicks Google Spreadsheet SaaS

    Today sees the release of EditGrid Excel Plus in private beta. This new spreadsheet plug-in boasts several interesting features, but the one which will attract the most attention is a real-time spreadsheet-linking technology for which rival offerings, like those from Google and Microsoft, have no equivalent.

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  • EditGrid for iPhone, Spreadsheets Go Mobile

    EditGrid, a leader in online spreadsheets, today announced the launch of the iPhone Edition of its Web-based spreadsheets software. The news broke this morning at the Office. 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. The iPhone Edition of EditGrid is a customized version of EditGrid which designed specifically for mobile usability.

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  • EditGrid Brings Spreadsheet Magic to Central Desktop

    Central Desktop expands on its suite of collaborative solutions by developing a strategic liaison with EditGrid, a Teams and Concepts Limited brand. With EditGrid's honed spreadsheet expertise (rivalling even the untouchable Google ), Central Desktop users can collaborate on their beloved grids in real-time within the Central Desktop user interface.

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