Editgrid for iPhone
EditGrid, a leader in online spreadsheets, today announced the launch of the iPhone Edition of its Web-based spreadsheets software. The news broke this morning at the Office. 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. The iPhone Edition of EditGrid is a customized version of EditGrid which designed specifically for mobile usability. This version of the software features: Three-Mode Access -- Due to the limitation of screen size and speed of iPhone’s Safari JavaScript engine, EditGrid was optimized for different usages in three modes: * Edit Mode: Allows users to do simple data crunching with better data formatting support. The data inputted are automatically saved to EditGrid’s server. Suitable for small spreadsheets * View Mode: Enables the best possible performance for users to read their spreadsheets * Hybrid Mode: Allows users to view a larger spreadsheet with simple editing capabilities Viewport and Two-Finger Scrolling -- To save bandwidth and loading time, EditGrid loads spreadsheet data to the iPhone on demand. By using two-finger scrolling, a signal is sent to the EditGrid server which triggers loading of additional data and smart preload. EditGrid on the iPhone
EditGrid for iPhone
Spreadsheet applications have long been used on mobile devices, but according to Team and Concepts Limited, the company behind EditGrid, none have been successful because of the lack of file synchronization and screen size limitations. EditGrid has been integrated with salesforce.com, Infoteria's OnSheet, Central Desktop and ThinkFree Online Office. Offered on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis on editgrid.com, EditGrid is also available in licensed packages for installation behind the corporate firewall.