EditGrid Brings Spreadsheet Magic to Central Desktop

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Central Desktop expands on its suite of collaborative solutions by developing a strategic liaison with EditGrid, a Teams and Concepts Limited brand. With EditGrid's honed spreadsheet expertise (rivalling even the untouchable Google), Central Desktop users can collaborate on their beloved grids in real-time within the Central Desktop user interface. They can also edit documents in tandom, audio conference, and create discussion threads and versioned file tracking."Our customers use Central Desktop when they need to collaborate. Our integration with EditGrid allows them to collaborate in real-time on spreadsheets while maintaining file compatibility with Excel," explains Central Desktop CEO Isaac Garcia. "We chose EditGrid because it provided the richest feature set of all the online spreadsheet tools and technologies we evaluated.For our customers, EditGrid's unique real-time functionality is the key, where multiple users can simultaneously edit an online spreadsheet and immediately see the updates."Garcia isn't the only one feeling the love. "The partnership and integration of Central Desktop and EditGrid marks a unique relationship between Web 2.0 companies," says chairman David Lee of Team and Concepts. "With the inclusion of EditGrid in Central Desktop's Web-based collaboration services, users can harness the flexibility of collaborative spreadsheets without logging out of Central Desktop - the combined solution is a compelling offering to customers' collaboration needs." Easing the document collaboration process is an ongoing experiment in enterprise CMS solutions. And "compelling" is more apt a description than most would imagine. While EditGrid's spreadsheet functionalities seem vanilla, the relationship significantly augments Central Desktop's user experience in addition to making document collabo easier. In addition to existing capabilities, Central Desktop clients can now:* Create, edit and collaborate over online spreadsheets* Import and export Microsoft Excel spreadsheets* Store spreadsheets in a password protected space* Create user permissions for document access and editing or reading rights* Export as XML, XLS, OpenDocument, OpenOffice.org, HTML, PDF and CSV file formats* Create over 30 chart and graph types (bars, pies, etc.)* Retrieve and save stock quotes, exchange rates and website data* Access more than 500 formulas and functions Screenshots of the Central Desktop spreadsheets are available here. Try out the Central Desktop/EditGrid combo for free at the Central Desktop website. You can also start accessing EditGrid with the standard Central Desktop package, which is $25/month for 10 users. Costs increase for broader accessibility.Hong Kong-based Teams and Concepts, creators of EditGrid, were founded in 2003 by David K. F. Lee and partners. Originally a software service provider for event organizers, Teams and Concepts launched EditGrid in April '06 to address a wider range of spreadsheet needs. The EditGrid project is funded by Silicon Valley-based investors and the Innovation and Technology fund, courtesy of the government of Hong Kong. Read more about them at the Team and Concepts site.Pasadena-based Central Desktop provides an alternative to complex groupware products like SharePoint and Lotus Notes, focusing on simple functionality that can be deployed in a matter of minutes. Their web-based collaboration platform is used by over 25,000 clients worldwide. They were voted "Best of the Web" for collaboration tools by BusinessWeek and won a Small Business Computing's Technology Excellence Award. And of recent note, Central Desktop just developed a relationship with AppExchange, helping to standardize the extranet experience.