Central Desktop Standardizes Extranet Experience

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Central Desktop
Central Desktop recently proclaimed its alliance with Salesforce.com-supported AppExchange. The company touts its inherent power to simplify project work among two or more clients or partners as one of its flagship Central Desktop's strongest suits. It makes for a tight integration of diverse applications and its multiple colleagues using each. Its quick tour clearly demonstrates its sophistication and easy of use.Central Desktop makes available sets of tools for users to tailor their own desktops to their own unique preferences; this can be clearly observed in the video presentation at its website. This facilitates cooperative desktop sharing and communication among team members who may be widely geographically dispersed or even within the confines of the same firewall in the same corporate campus or office for that matter. Among its new features are greater security and convenience through single sign-on, free audio conferencing, centralized communication, team accountability, ubiquitous access, task management, and real-time collaboration. Proven results include increased efficiency among all collaborative participants working in real time.Based on an on-demand model, it is much less expensive and more scalable than non-web based software traditionally bought “off the shelf.” Rates are less expensive than is the case with non-Web-based, “traditional software.”At aggressive subscription rates of only $4.00 per extranet “seat license,” based on a deal comprising at least 25 users (and just $1.50 per 1,000 users) few could hesitate jumping on the bandwagon. As an ASP, like Salesforce.com, one no longer needs to purchase software, and consequently updating versions becomes a thing of the past. Therefore, it is a good deal easier to employ and more conducive to the demanding aspects of the business world. It is true to Salesforce.com’s original motto “No software…” They can be completely customized to the client’s unique needs.With Central Desktop in place, clients can much more easily design their system’s brand image or look and feel to conform closely to its established standard at the desktop level. Other firms in this space include pioneering collaborative software developer JotSpot, (founded by Joe Krause, famous for founding search engine Excite!). As covered previously by CMSWire, JotSpot has been acquired by Google.