Capgemini (news, site) brings the big guns in its new collaboration framework project for collaborative, compliance-based, portals.

Collaborate With Compliance

Many industries can get away with giving their teams a collaboration environment and leaving it all up to them. Certain industries and enterprises however, need a tighter rein on what content comes in and out. Capgemini's Collaboration+ ties in a collection of existing ECM tools to create a secure environment that is fully governance-compliant for enterprise 2.0 big-shots to work in. 

The tools include EMC Documentum, EMC Captiva to achieve intelligent data capture and EMC Document Sciences to handle customer communications management. These tie in to SQL and SharePoint to help manage business processes and content in a secure environment.

Big Biz Numbers

With that in place, users can work with each other on projects and collaborate with customers, partners and employees on live systems, while the resulting information that is captured can be properly governed and made discoverable.

The framework can be used to automate business processes and boost collaboration between departments or distributed branches/offices. All of this is done while ensuring levels of business confidentiality and security that aren't available in lower-end products. Capgemini reckons that enterprises could save between 25% to 45% on costs while boosting productivity by a factor of two to four.

Big Money Rolling

As a company that has just announced 2 billion euros in revenue for its third quarter, you can imagine that Collaboration+ is aimed at some fairly major players. It lists one partner as Britain's Network Rail, who will use the product to streamline information management from Documentum and SharePoint.

Further details about Collaboration+ are thin on the ground at this point, but it will take some time for the roll outs to be deployed. Certainly, the company is putting a lot of thought into collaboration, social tools and other elements. With convergence being demonstrated at such a high level, one wonders how long it will take for other applications to be allowed to work with Capgemini's solution.