This week our Enterprise 2.0 pool saw another jumble of topics, including why making SharePoint a more Facebook-like experience does not equal an imminent encounter with Justin Bieber, and the release of iOS 4.3. 

How to Use SharePoint MySites for Effective Collaboration

If you become nervous at the thought of adding documents and content to SharePoint via MySites, IT consultant and technology writer Chris Wright is here to help. "SharePoint MySites are in fact a very useful tool to give to employees, especially when looking to encourage collaboration between small numbers of geographically dispersed people," he wrote.

Tips focus on five different areas of the platform:

  • My Colleagues and My Org Chart: Find the right people to work with.
  • My Profile: The more you share, the better.
  • The Noteboard: Think of it as a Lite version of your Facebook wall.
  • Recent Activities: Show your colleagues what you've been up tp. 
  • My Content: Store public and private content. 

"MySites are not Facebook, nor are they really social networking at all, but then they were never designed to be," continued Wright. "Use them as they were intended and the majority of users will find them a great help." 

Check out his advice in detail here

Spigit Brings its Idea Management Platform to Facebook

Spigit's (news, site) recent launch of SpigitEngage for Facebook demands attention, bringing the innovation software to the masses. The path is an exceedingly common one among organizations looking to increase their social media presence and give their consumers a voice. 

"At the end of the day, the concept is quite familiar: taking what could easily be perceived as passive communication or one-off ideas and allowing them to evolve and gain momentum by positioning them to individuals who share a common denominator," wrote Heather Fassio. "It’s not a revolutionary notion, but it’s how revolutions start, and we’ll be eagerly watching this idea mature."

Apple Launches iOS 4.3, iOS 5.0 Coming Soon

Apple's new operating system update for iPhones and iPads is here, and along with it are some long-asked for features.

iTunes Home Sharing and AirPlay allows a computer with iTunes to be set up as a media server that can send content to other devices around the network. Airplay can send photos and video to the Apple TV for viewing on the big screen as well. Meanwhile, Hotspot, which will only run on iPhone 4s, allows up to three Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB-connected devices to use the phone as a gateway to the Internet.

The update also offers improved Safari browsing performance with the Java NitroScript Engine, and Ping, Apple's social service, has been dressed up with push notifications for comments and follow requests.

As usual, Apple is already getting ready to give us a peek  at iOS 5.0. More on that here

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