If January is any indication of how the rest of the year is going to go, then buckle up. Just a week in and we've already seen massive investment in social business, predictions and myths about collaboration, and Apple's sudden reappearance in the enterprise world. 

Apple Puts On Its Enterprise Hat, Makes Intentions Known

Apple's e-mail was entitled "Mac in the Enterprise", and it was full of information about, well, integrating Apple computers into the enterprise. This is an interesting turn of events, especially considering what Steve Jobs had to say about the enterprise last year (hint: it was not nice; more on that here). 

The question on everyone's mind: Can Apple survive in this atmosphere? The company has certainly established a level of respect worthy of a decent following off the bat, but it has also been historically rigid with innovation and timelines (not to mention its presence in the business world is a bit lacking). This attitude doesn't exactly gel with enterprise culture, which prefers IT providers to be both flexible and predictable.

With official enterprise aspirations now on the table, it'll be interesting to see not only how Apple's customer base reacts, but also how the company itself will handle the expectations and demands that come with enterprise-y audiences.

SharePoint Trends to Watch for 2011

It's still the season for predictions! Strategy consultant Joe Shepley has a few for SharePoint:

  • Competition with social computing platforms heats up
  • ECM coexistence division of labor shifts away from big ECM towards SharePoint 2010
  • Increased deployments of SharePoint 2010 as core ECM system

Do they match what you’re seeing on the ground in your organization or consulting practice? Do they seem on target or hopelessly off base? Jump in, share your thoughts, and let’s get the conversation started!

Enterprise Collaboration Tops List of 2011 Organizational Priorities

In December, we asked you  what your organization's top priority was for 2011. Here are the results:


Of the 907 votes, 287 went to stronger internal collaboration practices, tools and culture — roughly 32% of the votes. Social engagement (or Social CRM) and mobile access landed at the bottom with 8% and 6% of the vote. Web content management, enterprise content management and cross-channel communications fell neatly in between.

Here's what this tells us. 

5 Myths of Collaboration

Collaboration is many things, but a fix-all surely isn't one of them. Before you turn to collaboration to help solve your business problems, check out these 5 myths from Jacob Morgan:

  • Myth 1: Collaboration is new
  • Myth 2: Collaboration will solve business problems
  • Myth 3: Everyone wants to collaborate
  • Myth 4: Deploy the tools and the rest will follow
  • Myth 5: Collaboration is the business driver

 "There’s a quote I once heard at a conference which goes something like, 'If you believe tools are the answer then you are one (a tool).' A bit harsh but true," he writes. "Deploying collaboration tools and platforms are certainly a part of the solution but they are by no means THE solution."

In Other News...

Here are some other headlines that might strike your fancy: