This week in the enterprise our gracious experts sent us through a collaboration crash course, highlighting ways to spot problems early and which strategies are bogus from the get. 

How to Spot a Collaboration Project in Trouble

Don't let collaboration get the best of you. Scott Ryser, co-founder and CEO of Yakabod, says the warning signs of deployment and adoption issues are usually there all along. In this article, he breaks them down into five common scenarios:

  • Choosing the Wrong Champion
  • No Pilot-to-Deployment Plan
  • Ignoring Small Wins
  • Inflexible or Invisible Goals
  • No Business Consequences for Failure

Linear Strategies for Enterprise 2.0: Kill ‘Em

In this article, Principal and Co-founder of Chess Media Group, Jacob Morgan, considers whether or not linear strategy approaches have a place in an enterprise collaboration (he thinks not). 

The end state isn’t about collaboration at all, it’s about solving problems and finding opportunities, a journey which every organization is going to go through. Thus far from all of my interviews with enterprise organizations, I haven’t found a single process or strategy that would work for them all.

Seesmic Desktop Integrates Yammer and Chatter 

Consumer-targeted aggregation platform, Seesmic, and enterprise-friendly Yammer, have decided to work together on the collaboration front. This week the two companies announced a plugin that brings Yammer's collaboration tool to Seesmic's desktop social media application.

The integration aims to make Yammer a more appealing option for organizations that also utilize social media outlets. For Seesmic, adding a business element and internal collaboration options will certainly differentiate the product from other dashboard tools.

Here's a breakdown of the perks:

  • View their Yammer feed, including replies, direct messages, sent messages, liked items, bookmarked items and RSS feeds.
  • Post new messages to Yammer, or cross-post to other services such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Search Yammer for keywords or phrases.
  • Reply to, like or bookmark messages.
  • View user profiles, including a user's past messages.
  • Update their Yammer profile.

SuccessFactors Socializes Business Execution with Jambok

In an attempt to define the role of socializing in the workplace, SuccessFactors has acquired a SaaS social learning company called Jambok.

Jambok basically enables users to create, find and share content (video, audio, photos, etc.) in the cloud, making it a watering hole for informal information exchange. Like popular consumer networks, the shared content can be rated, tagged, and commented on via both web and mobile apps:

The acquisition of Jambok brings social learning to SuccessFactors on a very approachable level, and aims to improve productivity and knowledge by injecting it throughout the BizX Suite.