The Enterprise was all over the place this week-- from Yammer's latest attempt to be the business version of Facebook to serious moves towards cloud computing and a bit of social Intranet-ism on the side. 

Yammer's New Leaderboards Mimic Facebook News Feed 

Yammer's new Leaderboards feature enables organizations to quickly discover their top members and most popular posts and threads (think Facebook's Top News feed) including:

  • Most Liked Members: Top 10 users whose messages have received the most ‘Likes’
  • Most Replied to Members: Top 10 users whose messages have received the most replies
  • Members with the Most Posts: Top 10 users with the most public messages posted
  • Most Replied to Threads: Top 10 threads with the most replies
  • Threads with the Most Participants: Top ten threads with the most participants


Much of Yammer's recent activity has built them a reputation as being the company to beat in 2011. Accordingly, competitor Socialtext released a migration tool specifically designed to steal away Yammer users (check it out), and freed up Chatter.

Unifi Brings All Your Files To All Of Your Devices, In the Cloud

An upcoming cloud service called Unifi aims to store your files with a reduced emphasis on the actual storage. Instead, each of your devices (desktop PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.) gets a small app or widget installed.

This app creates a metatag for each of your files, and it is this snippet of information that is stored in the cloud. To access a file, you click on it from the destination device and it can be uploaded from the originating device to the cloud. Then, either view it directly from the cloud or download it to the device, to your Facebook account or elsewhere: 



Virtual Desktops Could Take Over On All Your Devices

Hot on the heels of data in the cloud comes a Logicalis report and its revived notion of your entire desktop in the cloud.

One vision, one desktop: The Logicalis report offers five reasons for why this is an upcoming reality. Cost and productivity are the two most obvious, while regulatory compliance strikes a different chord. These days, most enterprises are being told to get a grip on their data policies and management systems. Running everything from a central source allows both data and application rules to be centrally set and enforced.

For the other two, check out the report here

Social Intranets: A Critical Examination

Social is hitting everything, even Intranets. Organizations far and wide are replacing their traditional Intranets with one that supports the use of social media tools for enterprise collaboration. Social Intranets have meeting places for sharing ideas, knowledge and support. It's awesome. 

Or is it? 

While some may argue that the Social Intranet is an informal meeting place for employees, others see it as the hub, or central workspace, providing access to all information and applications. The addition of Web 2.0 technologies along with connections that open up information silos and data in secure applications, provides the perfect environment for an employee to be productive.

To help you better demarcate the traditional Intranet of yesterday from today's Social Intranet, join analyst firm Forrester Research and technology vendor Socialtext as they host the upcoming live webinar: Social Intranets: Hype or Change Agent? The event runs on Wednesday January 26 at 7pm GMT / 2pm EST / 11am PST . Reserve your seat here