Enterprise Hive Upgrades Social Platform, Simplifies People and Application Connections

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We have already noted in enterprise content management that many vendors appear to be heading towards specialization in particular verticals. Whether this can be said of Enterprise 2.0 is not clear, but the recent release by Enterprise Hive of HiveSocial v3.0 and HiveSocial Now might suggest that this is the case.

The specialization in this case comes from HiveSocial Now, which is specifically for education and even calls itself HiveSocial Now for Education, while HiveSocial v3.0 appears to have a more general appeal and in this release has had the benefit of a technical upgrade to  .NET 4.0.

As a result of the upgrade, Enterprise Hive, the company behind the product, says it will be easier for enterprises to connect existing applications to their online communities.

Hive Social Products

While the .NET 4.0 framework offers more than this, it is the application connection that Enterprise Hive has focused on and it is this that it is pushing hard.

The list of features that both these packages offers is extensive- very -so it’s probably best to visit the website to see what’s under the hood, but in general, Enterprise Hive says,the improvements revolve around improved and simplified content creation, better search functionality for content in the system and clearer navigation.

An additional bonus is that the education package has no software license fees, and offers comprehensive enterprise collaboration and can be set up in a couple of days, and can be integrated with existing websites or internal applications.

Social Platform Fees

Which brings us to a point we have mentioned before. Pricing is always a tricky area to write about asa standard price that is offered for a particular application will usually end up costing a lot more than the quoted price once licensing and other issues are take into consideration.

With EnterpriseHive there is at least some transparency with its pricing, which is clearly listed on the website so we know, for example, that a quick-start fee of US$5,000 will get you up and running within days along with a pre-built template and on-line training.

Learning Opportunities

We are also told that the fees for full set-up begin at US$ 20,000, and that most enterprise social software communities will require a first year investment of US$ 125,000.00.It’s probable that these figures will change over the course of a deployment, but ball-park figures are always a good thing to have and highly recommended for other companies.

Like other platforms, Enterprise Hive's Social Platform is priced based on the number of groups and sub-groups you anticipate, the number of members you plan to register and the services that you need.

Enterprise Hive

Finally just a word about Enterprise Hive, which seems to have slipped under the radar, largely because of the massive number of companies screaming for attention in the Enterprise 2.0 space.

Founded in 2009, Enterprise Hive is built on the WordFrame platform using Microsoft's Internet Information services, .net Framework and MS SQL server, and is delivered as SaaS.

So even if Enterprise Hive is a relatively new company, there’s a lot behind it. We’ll probably be hearing about them in the future.


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