SamePage Wiki v. 4.0 Now Available Free to University Students
Two years ago, eTouch admitted that the enterprise hadn't yet grasped the concept of wikis. Since then, they've expanded their dynamic enterprise wiki to include new functionality and new deployment options. Now they add some much desired social media elements to the latest version of their enterprise wiki.

From a fully multilingual user interface, to free downloads for students, to advanced deployment options, eTouch is still committed to making the wiki wily.

eTouch SamePage has enhanced its social-media features and deployment capabilities with the introduction of SamePage version 4.1. The new version includes new applications that allow users to incorporate elements of social media, such as rich user profiles, page ratings and people searches, into the enterprise product.

This latest release is also available through a new multi-tenancy on-premise deployment option, which eTouch announced last month.

Social Media Features in v4.1

The key social-media features of SamePage version 4.1 revolve around the concept of the user profile:

  • An integrated social directory with rich user profiles and people search that facilitates people-centric collaboration
  • User-created profiles to provide a well-rounded view to other users and become a source for a collaborative social directory
  • Exhaustive people search functionality
  • Page ratings
  • Twitter-like status updates
  • Display of the most recent wiki activities
  • On-premise customers can also customize the user-profile for their instance, hiding SamePage attributes that may not be relevant within their specific organization. 


SamePage Wiki 4.1

The Social Directory also becomes an excellent tool for looking up people with specific skill-sets or experiences or discovering others in the organization with shared interests or hobbies.

Giving Customers Social Media Functionality

The newest release fulfills customer demands to increase social media aspects. By allowing wiki users to personalize their wiki experience and profile, eTouch hopes that  employees will be excited about using the wiki “to foster better relationships among colleagues.”

Learn more about the social features of SamePage v. 4.1.