SamePage Wiki v. 4.0 Now Available Free to University Students
Just when we thought making wiki less wily was the greatest achievement by eTouch, they go ahead and fulfill their good deed quota for the year by offering their handy-dandy collaborative wiki tool SamePage v4.0 free for students.Like we said around this time last year, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably have some sense of what wikis are and how they work. The word “wiki” (as defined on the ever popular Wikipedia) means: A technology for creating collaborative websites. SamePage, eTouch’s Enterprise Wiki, allows customers and employees to build secure wikis for, you guessed it, collaborative communication and workflow. And now that it’s been brought to our attention, what more could a bunch of poor, starving, lazy college students need than a tool that allows them to get all of their dreaded group work done without leaving the house?

eTouch Cares About the Future

Any university student with a valid .edu e-mail address can now sign up for SamePage at no cost and immediately begin managing multiple projects at once. Some of these projects may include writing group papers, collaborating with members of a group on documents and discussion boards. The addition of fanciful plug-ins also allows the students to create and collaborate around various charts and tables. Even though today’s students are faced with a bottomless well of technological assistants and therefore more capable of grasping such offerings, eTouch has still got the backs of cave dwellers. The solution is user-friendly with a simple interface and the utilization of a WYSIWYG editor, which means you don’t have to be tech savvy at all to be able to operate it. Other than the students and schools benefiting from the solution, eTouch also hopes it will prepare young people to be technologically capable when it comes time for them to enter the workforce. Because, you know, from the looks of it this whole Internet thing isn't going anywhere.

Wait, It's How Easy?

Let’s do a quick recap: eTouch is offering today’s students a free solution to ease their scholastic lives, and they don’t even need to know much of anything about modern technological practices to use it. I’m starting to think that I either need to go back to school, or that I was born during the wrong decade. eTouch’s Web site claims (on top of being the “coolest wiki for students”) that given all of these benefits, SamePage will make assignments less painful. As someone who distinctly remembers how horrific it was to work face-to-face with kids that were as equally lazy and unmotivated as I was, I can say with confidence that SamePage for students is nothing short of a blessing.

Because We Can't Resist Complaining...

The one drawback is that you can only have a maximum of 5 members per group, and if I remember correctly, there were many instances back in college when I had fairly large study groups. Whether or not eTouch will recognize and act on this issue, remains to be seen. If you know a student at a university, please spread the word. If you are a student in need of a tool like this, or, if you’re a student that simply takes great pleasure in hoarding all the free things you can get, head on over to eTouch’s Web site and sign yourself up.