Don't we all know that collaborative content is the name of the game? As of the advent of Web two-dot-oh, anyway. "Despite the hype, we've learned that most large institutions are still not using wikis yet," mused Aniruddha Gadre, CEO of eTouch."There's still tremendous growth potential in this industry as more people begin to realize that wikis are the best way to collaborate, organize and share information on the corporate network - both inside an organization and externally with the public."Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably have a working sense of what wikis are (probably based on your interactions with Wikipedia on lonely office afternoons). It's a means for sharing and refining knowledge between multiple users -- be they in the same workplace, or in different regions, or elsewhere in the world.And in the global village, why should they be? In eTouch's opinion, the most important aspect of collaboration is ensuring everyone is on the "SamePage," if not necessarily in the same space.Based on a company's settings, eTouch's SamePage Enterprise Wiki lets customers and employees access a secure wiki that enables them to communicate, collaborate and organize energetic ventures. It also integrates nicely with stock corporate tools like MS Office, as well as back-end databases, while boasting the security necessities that any rational IT department will immediately demand. In July, eTouch released SamePage 3.3. This most recent update featured:* Closer integration with Microsoft’s Word and Excel* Stronger usage metrics and reporting tools* Better administration options* Plugins for Google Calendar and 30Boxes Calendar - so pick your poison* Flexible deployment options with support for MySQLThe Enterprise Wiki offering is available for as low as US$ 100 per month for up to 20 users, including standard support. Naturally, Extended and Premium packages are available. If you're swept off your feet, try SamePage for 30 days at eTouch home base.