If your IT department needs justification for deploying iPads in the enterprise, here it is in the form of Bomgar's remote control support app.

What's Your Excuse?

Recently we've seen plenty of reasons for iPads to kick their way into enterprise 2.0 environments. From Web analytics to business intelligence, apps are starting to appear in force. Now, here's one for IT admins, offering them the chance to manage the servers and fix user problems from their nearest bar, spa or ski resort without systems crumbling down around their ears.

With the iPad 2 launching today, and the new financial year offering bulging IT coffers, who wouldn't like a slick new app to help manage those creaky IT and web systems? Bomgar's solution will launch in the summer. It will offer live support, collaboration and remote access while offering enterprise-level security and protection. 

Take Control, From Anywhere

Bomgar clients install an applicance on their enterprise hardware racks that handles all the sessions and security, removing a lot of the software usually needed for support. Bomgar already offers support for the iPhone and Blackberry, but the iPad Rep Console is the first app the company is offering to support from a mobile device, allowing for multiple remote sessions and no additional software needed on the machine of the stricken user.

The forthcoming iPad app allows IT support to gain access to, view and fix a remote computer (or another mobile) from an iPad connected to any network. They can remotely interact with the user's desktop, use IM for chat and call up third-party support when their software is causing the problem, all from within the one app. At the deeper IT levels, Bomgar also offers shell access via its Jump app so users can Telnet and SSH into servers.

Support has come a long way since I saw a tech fix a server problem from his Nokia Communicator through a command line, while in the pub. Now it enters a new age where support can see exactly what an issue is, take over and fix it.