eTouch Gets Reflective, Decides to Improve

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A great or very fickle man once said "No written masterpiece is too good for improvement." With that in mind, it's comforting in some way to know your enterprise project collaboration software of choice has no illusions about its own perfection. Combining the unique collaboration aspects of wikis and blogs with the flexibility of a content management system, eTouch gives us SamePage take 3.1, topping their SamePage 3.0 release from last November.SamePage in general is useful for two reasons: it captures and preserves knowledge, a big deal for enterprise regulatory compliance purposes; and it's great for organizing groups and tasks for collaboration. In the universe of Enterprise 2.0, nearly all projects floating across an enterprise's intranet are collaborative efforts that must meet multiple departmental criteria and suffer reams of editing before its journey into the public arena. The upgrade mainly consists of fine-tuning and bug fixes from 3.0. It does, however, come with some handy new features. They include:* Improved Installer for a simpler, faster installation process * Read-only Membership so admins can grant certain users read-only access to specific content* Enhanced Group Management, where users can assign project and page-level permissions for better groupwork organization. Support for nested groups in LDAP is also included.* Advanced Search, an optimized search tool that narrows search criteria, scope and selection for a quicker and more relevant info-fetch* Create Projects Permission, which bestows the ability to create projects that only certain users or groups can accessWhile major enterprises like Cisco, Johnson & Johnson, and NASA are already on SamePage, according to eTouch more users are jumping on board every day. A recent eTouch blog post covering the 3.1 release includes the enthusiastic (and oddly very specific) accolades from one enterprise customer."We were in need of a solution to help us capture organizational knowledge and learning that was being lost in basic email communications. We found SamePage to be an awesome product providing everything and more than what we were looking for. We especially liked the clean interface, WYSIWYG editing ability, ease-of-use and implementation, extensive search ability and robust security. Though only recently implemented, we are already seeing good use and benefits already," says Todd Smith from Citrix Online.If you're looking to update how your projects are run, eTouch is worth a look. Take the free product tour or go a touch further with the a SamePage 3.1 trial (hosted version).In related news, Atlassian Confluence announces Wiki Patterns, another enterprise wiki offering, and Enterprise 2.0 vendor Zoho adds a wiki to its Web Office Suite.