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Open Text continues its Purpose-Driven Speaker Series this week in Washington, DC. On Wednesday, September 21, Michael Edson, Director of Web and New Media Strategy at the Smithsonian Institution, will talk about the most interesting and challenging issues facing business and government today. Notably, he’ll address how the present and the future are getting closer together, and how to rethink the notion of strategy in this context.

Engage Your Workforce to Bring Purpose

If you’re unfamiliar with the Purpose-Driven Speaker Series, it’s a multi-city series featuring bestselling authors and thought leaders in digital technology sponsored by OpenText. It began in New York in July with Simon Sinek, who addressed the basic qualities and benefits of being a purpose-driven organization. 

The events are free and open to everyone longing to be informed and inspired to engage their workforce and their market on building real value. Such engagement can help you bring greater levels of excellence to your team, your organization, and your endeavors.

Changing Relationships

Edson has been described as “the epitome of the 21st century leader: Visionary, soft spoken, and able to identify the intrinsic value in everyone he meets.” Throughout his career, he has pioneered a number of innovative techniques to help businesses develop strategy in times of rapid change. On Wednesday, he plans to reveal a series of urgent new ideas about the changing relationship between technology, organizations, and the future -- and what we should do about it.

We’ll be there covering the event live. If you’re in the DC area, we encourage you to sign up, stop by and participate in the discussion that will follow Edson's presentation.