Evernote Extension Offers Chrome Users Better Features
Social web-clipping solution Evernote (news, site) released an improved version of its extension for Google’s Chrome browser this week. The update feature a new look, enhanced clipping, and can search both the Web and Evernote at the same time.

For starters, new feature called Article Clips was specifically designed to nab blurbs from blog posts. Just click on the Evernote extension while surfing with the Chrome browser and the extension will instantly select the body of the post. Next hit the green Clip Article button and you're all set:


Meanwhile, simultaneous search can search Evernote and Google, Yahoo or Bing at the same time. Users simply type in a search as they normally would, and that same search will be performed in the open Evernote account.

Says the Evernote team:

The web search results appear as usual, with the addition of a line displaying the number of matching notes from Evernote. The same number is also displayed in a badge over the Evernote Extension icon. Clicking on the extension shows a list of all your notes that matched the search.

This release also features some basic niftyness such as an improved look and feel as well as better notifications. Check out the solution in its entirety here.