Evernote Launches Google Notebook Import Tool
With the coming shutdown of Google Notebook, competing online note-taking applications are stepping up to the plate in efforts to welcome new users to their services. Evernote, a popular web-based note capturing service, has released a Google Notebook import tool for use.

The new tool will take your data out of Google Notebook and swiftly import it into your Evernote account. All your meta-data is brought along too including notes, labels and sections.

Moving Your Data

Mobilizing your data from Google to Evernote is a two step process. To begin the export process out of Google: sign into Google Notebook, click on the Notebook you want to export and click the "Export" link at the bottom of the page. Next, choose 'Atom' from the list of export options and save the file to your computer.

Now that you have your data exported, it's time to bring it into Evernote. Begin by signing in to Evernote and visiting their Google Notebook Import page. Follow the on-screen instructions and repeat this process for every notebook you exported out of Google Notebook.

After importing, you'll notice that your creation dates, source web links, images and all other data have been preserved. As the Evernote blog says, labels and sections from Google will become tags inside Evernote.

Utilize Evernote

Rest assured, Evernote has a more powerful platform to offer users who are accustomed to Google Notebook. First off, there are native Evenote applications for many hardware platforms including Mac OS X, Windows, iPhone and Windows Mobile. The iPhone application is wildly popular because it allows you to take an image and Evernote will apply OCR to capture the data and place it inside Evernote for future reference.

Like Google Notebook, Evernote features a bookmarklet that allows users to quickly archive and notate web pages, notes and ideas that you generate during your web activity.

Google Notebook's Death Is A Boon For Some

As you can see with Evernote's import tool and the tool mentioned yesterday from Zoho, Google Notebook competitors are working hard to roll out the welcome mat for abandoned Google Notebook users.

As time goes on, it will be interesting to see what company is innovative enough to thrive in a space where Google has evidently dropped the ball.