In yet another fine display of consumerization, eXo (news, site) has integrated the eXo Platform into Seesmic’s desktop application. The mash-up simultaneously extends Seesmic’s social management capabilities to the Enterprise, and brings modern collaboration features to eXo’s enterprise portal.

Seesmic's Style...

Don’t remember Seesmic? Here's a brief recap: Initially launched as a Twitter client, Seesmic Desktop is an application that manages the activity feeds of accounts across several services, including Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. It looks something like this:

seesmic-desktop.jpg Seesmic Desktop screenshot

...Now with eXo

The new plugin simply means Seesmic Desktop can also display activities from within the workplace. Now, from Seesmic Desktop, users can access real-time updates from eXo-based applications, right alongside their favorite social streams:

This move is certainly a big deal for Seesmic, as it broadens the company's audience in a very significant way. Once typically for consumers and marketers, Seesmic can now be considered a part of the business collaboration pool.

As for eXo, integrating enterprise activity streams into a more familiar -- and, let's face it, cooler -- tool like Seesmic, enables users to collaborate on business-related activities, even when they're not logged into their company social intranet.

"The expansion of Seesmic Desktop into the enterprise further fuels the consumerization of IT that is blurring the lines between the personal and the corporate," said Benjamin Mestrallet, founder and CEO of eXo. "Increasingly, our customers want the ease and features of the consumer web in their day-to-day corporate computing life, and eXo integrated into Seesmic does just that."

Of course, tossing business and social feeds into the same basket will likely also open a door to easily justifiable distraction and time consumption, but that's another can of worms entirely.

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