Freelancers Union Survey 2008 Independent Workers
Let's face it, insurance is not cheap these days. People who work freelance have it even worse. The Freelancers Union -- an organization for freelancers that aims to help provide low-cost health, dental, disability and life insurance -- wants to help change that. The Freelancers Union currently has a survey that freelancers can participate in to help the Union's efforts.

About the Freelancers Union

The goal of the Freelancers Union is to provide low-cost health, dental, disability and life insurance to freelance and independent workers. The entity came into existence in 2001 and has been providing "portable" benefits ever since. The group works with existing insurance companies to get members better deals than they might have been able to find otherwise, and while the company has had a few debacles, people seem to be excited and satisfied with the efforts being put in by the organization. The Union also gets involved with the politics of these issues. The organization constantly advocates for legal reform on issues, such as the fact that independent workers bear greater tax burdens than traditional employees -- surely that is not fair in a country, the U.S., where working for oneself only is a dream for many.

Freelancers Union 2008 Survey

If anyone out there is interested in helping the Freelancers Union, they can do so by participating in the Freelancers Union 2008 Survey. Each year, they survey the freelance community on issues affecting the independent workforce. This year, however, the survey is focused on exploring freelancers' experiences in the light of economic recession. The survey also focuses on freelancers' opinions on institutions that deliver health insurance and retirement benefits. If anyone out there is doing freelance work, why not spare some time and take the survey. The freelancing world might benefit from the input. More information about the Freelancers Union can be found on their official web site.