Hot new service Glasscubes (news, site) which launched officially in October, now offers online editing for its collaboration suite thanks to a tie-up with Zoho.

Polishing the Glass

As a newcomer to the collaboration space, Glasscubes is naturally going to have some cracks that need filling in. The company is going about sealing them up pretty quickly with the announcement that it has tied up with Zoho to allow users to edit Microsoft Word and Excel documents online.

Zoho is a well known online collaboration productivity suite offering a number of services including word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, crm, mail, projects and much more. The company updated its Partner program back in February providing a partner API to allow companies like Glasscubes to use Zoho services within their own applications.

How It Works

To make use of the feature, just find a document in one of your cubes and click the "Edit Document" button. This includes those saved in the ".docx" or ".xlsx" Office 2007 format.

This is useful if you're working with some team members running the new version of Office and some that aren't, or if you just don't have enough licenses for a full complement of machines.

Learning Opportunities


An essential editing feature, easily accessible for Glasscubes users

Cubism For Beginners

Once edited, the new version of the file will be saved as the latest version for others to access. As you can see from the company blog, Glasscubes is bundling in new features, hand over fist.

Since no two customers will want the same sets of data, customizable fields have been added and data can now be exported as a .CSV file based on search results, so you can find and use any data in another package.