To those of you nearing the limit of your 2.82 GB of Google storage, fear not! Google is offering a way to purchase more storage space that can be shared between Gmail and Picasa Web Albums. The extra storage space, available in different increments at set prices, kicks in when you max out your current storage in either Gmail or Picasa. Google's free offerings are impressive on their own: Gmail offers 2.82 GB of storage and Picasa Web Albums gives users 1 GB of separate storage, but the extra storage space purchased from Google will be allowed to be shared between the two services. The rates for the extra storage range from US$ 20 a year for 6 GB, US$ 75 a year for 25 GB of storage, and up to US$ 500 a year for 250 GB. The practicality and value of this offer from Google has sparked debate on tech sites like Slashdot. Some commentators are arguing that US$ 500 a year for 250 GB is too expensive considering the same storage in an external hard drive would cost a fraction of the price. Others say it is an excellent means to store and access large amounts of data from any computer with an internet connection. As is common in the comment threads of Slashdot, there does not seem to be a consensus amongst the readership. Slashdot posters have also noted other services, such as Dreamhost, which offers online storage for lower prices, although an obvious advantage to Google’s storage solution is its integration with Gmail and Picasa. Ultimately, this expanded storage option will appeal more to some users than others. Extensive Gmail and Picasa users will obviously benefit from this. Similarly, users interested in the ability to transfer large files and photos in a similar fashion to Dot Mac might find the extra storage useful as well. For the casual Gmail user, the benefits of extra storage space might not merit the cost. Considering the amount of time it takes to transfer large files over the internet, even with a high speed connection, online storage is still not set to replace the external hard drive as a back-up storage medium any time soon. Have an opinion on Google’s latest offering? Tell us what you have to say. Hit the comment box and let us know!