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IBM is moving further into the collaboration and social networking realm. They are offering new services designed to help their clients understand how to take advantage of these capabilities to maximize employee performance: Enterprise Adaptability Services.IBM has done a lot work recently in the Web 2.0 technology arena releasing a number of new products like Lotus Quickr, Lotus Connections, Lotus Mashups, and enhancements to Notes and Domino. "According to IBM's 2008 Global Human Capital Study, which surveyed 400 executives in 40 countries, developing an organization that is adaptable to change is essential. However, the study found only 14 percent of those organizations believed they were highly adaptable, meaning they have the ability to predict future skills, effectively locate experts and effectively collaborate within and outside the enterprise." The Enterprise Adaptability Services are another step in the continuing story of helping clients understand how to take advantage of these tools and technologies. The services are based on a methodology that encompasses three phases: planning, adoption and implementation. Planning The planning phase is about the business case for implementing collaboration and social networking. Part of this involves analyzing the current interaction practices between employees, partners and customers, assessing any constraints or barriers to adoption. Once all is documented and understood a plan is outlined similar to a roadmap. Adoption The adoption phase encompasses any events or activities that introduce the various technologies to the organization, including how they will benefit the users in their business activities. Events like IBM's Innovation Jams will held. At the same time, IBM will help analyze social networking capabilities. This includes identifying patterns of interaction, topic experts and enablers. Implementation Obviously this phase is all about putting the technologies in place, getting the business set up to start using them and measuring the results and benefits achieved. The key here is to not introduce completely new technologies but integrate social networking and collaboration capabilities into existing applications. “Creating competitive advantage in a global economy requires the ability to recognize refine and promote good ideas in an organization and turn them into products and services quickly. It means developing the right skills in the right place, applying new tools and technologies that provide access to global expertise and knowledge, while innovating and collaborating across national and organizational borders,” said Tim Ringo, Vice President and Global Leader, Human Capital Management, IBM Global Business Services. The Enterprise Adaptability services include a methodology that helps determine the return on investment of social networking. This ability is important to mention as the challenges of social networking and it's true value are discussed frequently today. It will be interesting to see if these services along with their technologies will propel IBM ahead of other Enterprise Content Management and Social Media vendors like SharePoint. Head over to the IBM's site to learn more.