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IBM is pretty busy these days. They have released a new version of their OmniFind enterprise search product, making it the first enterprise search software that support the latest Lotus collaboration and social software. Of course it is their product, so one would assume they should be the first to support their own software. But maybe it's just me being silly.The newest version is OmniFind Enterprise Search Edition 8.5 and as was mentioned it supports clients who use Lotus Quickr and Lotus Connections, in addition to WebSphere Portal. With these enhancements and others, OmniFind Search continues to keep alive IBM's cross company Information on Demand Strategy. "With more than 20 years of experience in search technology and hundreds of fundamental patents, we view search as a core component of an end-to-end Information on Demand strategy, which is helping customers better compete and pursue new business opportunities,” said Lee Roberts, general manager, IBM Enterprise Content Management. Other enhancements to this version include: * Easy-to-use and easy to read interface for displaying relevant search results - there is a navigation pane for analysis of top search results using dynamic bar charts * Full global support for Japanese, Chines and Korean bringing it to over 60 languages (including linguistic advanced support for 24 languages). * Support for the latest versions of Red Hat Linux, Windows Server, IBM FileNet ECM In addition, OmniFind provides the platform to do the following: * Constructing semantic searches * Create content analytic solutions like entity analytics, threat analysis, sentiment analysis - all designed to support industry-specific information management challenges OmniFind's Top Result Analysis IBM appears to be particularly proud of their Top Results Analysis feature. This feature places a graphical view of top search results above the results list - shown as dashboard style bar charts. This enables users to drill down further into the results and interactively find what they need. OmniFind also uses UIMA - Unstructured Information Management Analysis. It's an open source framework for building data analysis tools. OmniFind's text analytic capabilities are built on this framework. OmniFind Enterprise Edition competes with products like Autonomy and Fast Search & Transfer. There hasn't been much news about updates to either of these products recently with the exception of Microsoft's purchase of FAST. To learn more about this new version of OmniFind, particularly if you are an IBM product user, see their website.