Lotus Notes Traveler
IBM (news, site) shows it can keep up with the Enterprise 2.0 in-crowd, launching Lotus Notes Traveler -- a new iPad software app squarely targeted at mobile enterprise collaborators.

Notes On Your Notepad?

With over two million sales in the blink of an eye, Apple's iPad is now being considered as a tool for the enterprise 2.0 user and not just as a nifty gadget to show off in the conference room. IBM has acknowledged this and is supporting Apple's attempts to push its device as an enterprise collaboration tool with the launch of Lotus Notes Traveler.

The app can provide rapid, synchronized, encrypted access to your email, calendar and contacts. It looks great on the expanded space of the iPad's screen and improves on the products IBM also has for the iPhone, Android and other mobile platforms. Replying to messages is just as simple and all data is synchronized with what you'll see on your desktop.



Look sexy and smart with your Lotus Notes data on an iPad.

Executive Less Stress

The application gives executives the perfect excuse to rush out to an Apple Store and pick up an iPad on expenses. The app itself is free and will help suitably equipped users keep all their essential information directly to hand without the need to boot up computers at airports or other locations. Do note that full functionality requires the support of the Lotus Notes Traveler server, a module that runs on a Lotus Domino server.

Learning Opportunities

While it took some time for the iPhone to be accepted by the enterprise, it looks like an industry wide, concerted push is being made to get the iPad accepted as part of the information worker toolset at top pace. Not only will this help Apple keep up its impressive numbers, but the lucky users may no longer have to rely on pricey laptops, slow operating systems, legacy apps and other issues in a general push towards office efficiency.

According to Kevin Cavanaugh, vice president, messaging and collaboration at IBM, the company has a "high anticipation and many requests for iPad compatibility for Lotus Notes."

Will your enterprise consider an iPad over a laptop for knowledge workers during the next round of upgrades? While that might have been frowned upon in the rush up to the iPad's launch, it is now looking increasingly likely.