Websphere Portal
IBM recently announced plans to bring some nifty Google Gadgetry into their rather stodgy sounding commercial portal software. Free to WebSphere Portal and WebSphere Portal Express v6.0+ users, customers will now have the ability to create, customize and use Rich Internet Applications (RIA) with Google Gadgets directly from within Portal framework. Users have the option to choose from nearly 4,000 Google Gadgets (e.g., language translators, Podcast searches, Wikipedia information, YouTube postings, etc.) and everything is just one quick click away. At the same time, IBM is also announcing the availability of their search sitemap utility, using a new sitemap protocol, that now makes it possible to "optimize publication of portal content for improved search by public search engines." Users will also have the option to immediately notify search engines of the update frequency, giving users a vastly improved content relationship with external search engines, making the crawling of public content very efficient. "The delivery of Google Gadgets into a business environment is going to evolve how people work. IBM and Google together can deliver a content-rich user experience to small business and large enterprises," said Larry Bowden, IBM Lotus vice president of Portals and Web Interaction Services, in a recent statement. "Google's portfolio of gadgets accessed and managed seamlessly within WebSphere Portal provides an extensive set of services for reuse in user-created situational applications." "We're excited to help IBM's WebSphere Portal enterprise business users provide a truly customized experience for both their internal and external audiences," said Marissa Mayer, Google vice president, Search Products & User Experience. "Mashup-style applications offer great opportunities for small businesses to target. Google Gadgets will allow IBM's users to harness a wide range of rich and interactive content." The IBM Portlet for Google Gadgets will be available next month via IBM WebSphere Portal catalog.