Infuse Your Dynamics with XRM Extensions
At this year’s Convergence conference, ADXSTUDIO jazzed up Customer Relationship Management (CRM) by announcing some fancy extension work from its anything-goes counterpart, XRM.

The extensions include a Developer Toolkit and portal management modules designed to beef up the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics.

The Dynamics

Of course, because the Extensions are for Microsoft Dynamics, they were built using best practices for ASP.NET development. Reportedly easy to customize, the extensions also support all CRM deployment models (on-premise, partner-hosted, and CRM Online) which means organizations have the flexibility to choose whichever best supports their business needs.

The Extensions also leverage some of Microsoft’s newer technologies, including Windows Azure and the highly anticipated Silverlight, as well as LINQ and the .NET Framework 3.5.

A Closer Look

Here’s a better idea of what you can expect from the extensions:

  • ADXSTUDIO CRM Developer Toolkit: Framework that simplifies and accelerates the development of internet-enabled applications that interact with Dynamics CRM.
  • Event Management: This module provides extensions that enable administrators to coordinate events.
  • Membership Management: Enables administrators to manage member records and provides the ability to offer members self-service access to their website or member portal.
  • Web Content Management: Our personal favorite. This one is for organizations that have invested in the Dynamics CRM platform and are in need of a flexible content management solution capable of delivering fully-functional website solutions.
  • Profile Management: Live ID for authentication, invitations, and access permissions are core components of this module.
  • Shopping Cart: Supports a complete online shopping experience. Leverage the products and price list information contained with the CRM applications to coordinate your sales efforts.
  • Forum: Get your community talking! This module shows how active your customers are by tracking their forum posts, questions, and answers. And we all know how important joining the conversation is lately, don’t we?

 A Pretty Gorgeous Penny

You can pick up the Extensions and the Toolkit licenses directly from ADXSTUDIO Inc. on a perpetual or subscription basis. The Developer Toolkit is available as a stand alone item for US $995, or you can purchase it as a bundled package with ADXSTUDIO CMS.

Check out more pricing details here, but bear in mind, depending on the amount of users there are, licencing can cost ast much as US $6,000. Additionally, the XRM Extensions cannot be purchased without the Developer Toolkit.