Install Third Party Apps on SharePoint with CorasWorks AppEngine

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Install Third Party Apps on SharePoint with CorasWorks AppEngine
Microsoft SharePoint is very much an application development platform. It enables the design and development of solutions that both leverage and extend its functionality. And a lot of vendors offer solutions that run on SharePoint.

CorasWorks is one of these vendors, offering a number of solutions for SharePoint, including its Modular Application Development System. Their development system provides an easier way to development custom solutions for SharePoint -- without the need to write a lot of code.

Now they make it even easier to install custom solutions on SharePoint with the release of the AppEngine for SharePoint. The AppEngine enables you to download and install plug and play custom applications into the SharePoint environment.

Taking SharePoint Past the Basics

So we'll say it again, just in case you didn't know: many organizations primarily use SharePoint for file sharing and basic document management. But many also say they want to leverage the SharePoint platform for even more than that, because you can -- we also know that.

CorasWorks hears this from their own customers, which is why they build the SharePoint solutions they do. Their Modular Application Development System enables organizations build custom apps, and now the AppEngine enables the easy installation of custom apps.

AppEngine for SharePoint

The AppEngine for SharePoint is a runtime environment installed on SharePoint (either WSS3.0 or MOSS). Through a series of wizards, it provides the ability for a user to download and install plug and play applications from CorasWorks and its application publishing partners.

The wizards enable control of how the application is installed including setting data connections, views and navigation. You can also lock down components and features as required.

Learning Opportunities

Supports Third Party Applications Too

Now obviously CorasWorks provides this AppEngine to make it even easier to install their own custom SharePoint applications from their AppStore. But they also say it will work for other third party applications that are DLL free, plug and play designed.

The Price of Simplicity

Making it easier to install custom solutions on SharePoint does come at a cost. The AppEngine is US$ 4,000 for a one server license and US$ 8,000 unlimited servers and unlimited users on a server farm. These prices include annual maintenance and support costs.

It's an interesting solution. One that bears a closer look if you are considering taking SharePoint to greater levels of functionality with third party solutions.

Have a closer look at the AppEngine for SharePoint.