In a recent IDG Research Survey of 108 CIO's, 82% indicated that they use SharePoint primarily for file sharing and document management. That falls in line with what we understand.

There is much more to SharePoint than file sharing, and CIOs know that -- 62% say that SharePoint is critical to their technology portfolio, and they want to use it for much more in the year ahead.

But implementing SharePoint properly in an organization is not easy -- 55% reported that SharePoint challenges are impacting their business. According to Ed Durst, portfolio manager of the Microsoft Solutions Group at Open Text, there are a number of challenges related to SharePoint implementations.

Records Management Madness

One of these challenges is managing the creation of SharePoint sites. How sites are generated and managed -- or not managed -- is critical to a successful deployment. Implemented incorrectly, SharePoint sites become silos of information, which among other things, makes records management difficult. Durst says organizations are taking back control of the creation of sites through new governance and records management strategies.

Spiraling Storage Costs

Another common concern is the cost of supporting a SharePoint environment. Out of the box, there is a linear relationship to content and the cost of storage infrastructure for SharePoint sites. Organizations are finding themselves buying hardware to keep up with user demand. The key becomes building the right SharePoint infrastructure, so that costs to support the environment level out or become less.

With over 53% of surveyed organizations using SharePoint enterprise wide today, the need to optimize SharePoint environments is critical.

Wednesday, August 26, at 2pm ET (11am PT) you can join Ed to discuss the findings of the IDG survey and how you can better manage your SharePoint infrastructure.

You will learn how to:

  • Generate and manage SharePoint sites, eliminating information silos
  • Reduce the cost of SharePoint dedicated hardware
  • Realize your goals for using SharePoint as a leading content and document management system

With big uptakes expected for SharePoint in the areas of records management (40%), application development (35%) and business process management (63%) in the next 12 months, having a  SharePoint infrastructure you can build on is critical.

You can register here for the webinarTaking Back the Infrastructure: Why Optimizing SharePoint is Critical for Today's Corporations.