Intel-backed SuiteTwo enterprise 2.0 suite discontinued

The race for enterprise 2.0 stardom is on. Companies like Microsoft, Adobe,  Amazon and Skype have all been in recent news regarding the topic.

Sadly,  SuiteTwo, an Intel-backed enterprise 2.0 suite, is dropping out when competition is tough and the economy is even tougher.

Unveiled at the O’Reilly's Media Web 2.0 show in November of 2006, SuiteTwo promised big things. Unfortunately, for current or future users, it has been announced that SuiteTwo is no longer available for purchase. Support for the suite will stop at the end of the year.

The suite contained various web 2.0 applications and included publication software from SixApart, RSS technology from NewsGator, SimpleFeed and wiki software from Socialtext.

Despite the announcement which comes via Yahoo! Tech, the SuiteTwo website is still advertising the enterprise 2.0 suite for sale. Their blog also does not contain any news in regards to the recent announcement.

According to Dominic Sartorio, senior director of product management at SpikeSource, Intel's key partner in the effort, “We're going to be there to help customers, advise them, to do what's right for their deployments and users.” The company has reported already notified the roughly 80 users of the suite of the change and is offering assistance with migration.

Reasons for the decision seem a little vague. According to Oliver Young of Forrester Research (an analysis company), the problems inherent with SuiteTwo were not conceptual. Rather, it was the fact that it seemed to be nothing more than a disparate group of software users from multiple companies. The bottom line remains that it was simply not lucrative for the companies involved to continue with development of the suite. As a result, SpikeSource decided to pull the plug.

Plans for the Future in Enterprise 2.0

Neither Intel nor SpikeSource are out of the enterprise 2.0 race completely though. SpikeSource is focusing on its new Solutions Factory, launched in April 2008, and reported to be a platform for building and updating software from ISV’s. Intel will be spending time with a social networking system discussed by CEO, Paul Otellini, in November at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.

In a down economy, companies simply need to make decisions such as these to ensure the stability of their companies. And when they offer to assist with migrations, changes, modifications, etc., -- it helps make everyone involved rest a little easier at night.

So, despite some current customers and hopeful future customers potentially being upset, Intel and SpikeSource are doing what they can to ease the frustration over dropping availability and support the two-year-old enterprise 2.0 suite SuiteTwo.