Odyssey Offers the First 4th Generation Intranet called Interact 4.0
Odyssey Interactive is offering up a new term to add to the many we already seem to be confused about. It's called a 4G (fourth generation) Intranet and it's the next generation of intranets inspired by social networking sites like Facebook, Amazon and Google. They claim to have created the first one. Odyssey Interactive is a UK-based intranet development company. They have taken their experience in developing intranets and working with social networking and other Web 2.0 technologies to develop a new generation of intranets that tightly integrates content management, search and social networking into a single out of the box intranet solution.

Intranet Evolution

What is Interact 4.0

The result is Interact 4.0. It's a content management system designed specifically for a company intranet. The core system is made up of content management and document management functionality.

Interact Core System

It has 100s of standard features, all common to most content management systems today included in the core functionality. Collaboration is a big part of Interact 4.0 with functionality like wikis, social networking, blogs and all that good stuff. You can also add to the core functionality such as: * Business Software such as Absence Manager, Expense Manager, Training Manager, Workflow and Forms Manager * Optional Enhancements such as Blogging Tool, Corporate Calendar, KPI & Report Builder, Statistics and Search Analytics

An Intelligent Intranet

The thing that seems to make it a "next generation intranet" is an intelligence store. Every mouse click you make while on the intranet is recorded and as a result, the intranet learns and adapts to your needs.

4G Intranet

We took a look at all the things that make Interact 4.0 a 4G intranet and saw things like: * Automatic Content Cataloguing * Keyword Suggestion Tool * Best Bet Search * Sophisticated Search Analytics * Keyword Cloud * Content Rating * Alerts * Recommends Things we have seen many times in other content management systems that integrate social networking and search. It's a struggle to find out what is unique other than it is built specifically for internal use. That's not to say it doesn't look like a good solution. We just think maybe it should be called what we would consider it -- Enterprise 2.0. Adding another term to the pot is just confusing the masses. Interact 4.0 is built on Microsoft .Net technologies and is a fully compliant 'AA' intranet going beyond the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) guidelines for web accessibility. To learn more of Interact 4.0 -- the 4G Intranet -- you can attend the Intranet Roadshow 08 October 23 in London and November 6 in Glasgow. You can also read a whitepaper Odyssey created on 4G Intranets or read it online at the ITWorld Open Exchange website.