Intranet-specific software company Intranet DASHBOARD just released key data with global intranet usage and trends in tangent with its launch for Intranet DASHBOARD 2.0. Intranet DASHBOARD recently pulled in a couple of honors at the Product of the Year Awards.Intranet DASHBOARD 2.0 includes: * A number of applications that enable efficient tasks like dynamic linking, enabling link retention regardless of where the document itself is moved. * Advanced control publishing and document management. * Enterprise-level load balancing for robust data storage and performance efficiency. * Pretty new skins for a contemporary look and feel. CEO Campbell Dobbin elaborates on the logic behind DASHBOARD 2.0: “The Global Intranet Benchmarking Survey showed IT departments and marcoms were battling for control of the intranet, and if global trends are any indication this conflict will only escalate." One can only wonder why The Office hasn't yet aired an intranet-oriented episode with guns a-blazing. To back up his point, Dobbin cites the findings of Intranet DASHBOARD's survey data, which represents the first global comprehensive intranet survey taken thus far. He notes 36 percent of IT departments hold the budget for intranet. Meanwhile, 34 percent of marketing and communications departments are clutching fast to the reins of responsibility for day-to-day intranet operations. The method doesn't sound terribly logical; we can see why some frustrated department heads on both ends of the spectrum would be baring teeth. In contrast, social networking adoption falls as follows: * 47 percent of companies want to adopt social networking tools but haven't implemented any. * 7 percent of companies have deployed social networking tools * 25 percent plead lack of interest. Other findings from the same report suggest companies are taking a cautious approach, adopting tools slowly and perhaps as-needed. Generally enterprises were quicker to adopt tools with a longer track record, like RSS feeds, discussion forums and bookmarks. Blogs were labeled as the tool companies were least likely to implement. Collaboration looked more optimistic for intranet users, with 60 percent of companies using their intranet platform as a collaborative workspace, and 67 percent rating their intranet system as "valuable" to their organization. “With Intranet DASHBOARD 2.0, we are not only releasing fantastic new applications, but perhaps more importantly, we are applying our thorough understanding of all aspects of our client’s workflow to deliver solutions that drive productivity,” says Dobbin. He describes the top three challenges to overcome in the next 12 months as those of internal communications, content management and usability improvements, one of them quite possibly being in the realm of search, at which most Intranets do a dismal job. Intranet DASHBOARD was developed by the ADWEB Agency, a global enterprise with over 10 years in intranet communication apps. Over 500 clients in 46 countries use Intranet DASHBOARD daily. Learn more about the company at the Intranet DASHBOARD website.