Is your mobile workforce truly mobile? Research has revealed that most consider their workforce to be sufficiently mobile. But, is your mobile workforce truly mobile? In the session, Moving Beyond ECM: Moving Beyond Email, Open Text provided us with the necessary components involved in creating and implementing a mobility initiative within the enterprise.

What gives Open Text the authority to speak about moving beyond ECM is that they have sucessfully followed their own advice and the feedback from customers to introduce their own solution for mobilizing the ECM Suite experience with Open Text Everywhere, which they launched earlier this year and have just announced updates for.

Getting Smarter with Mobile

Because our smartphones are so smart, they let us work from anywhere. With the promise of more versatile and productive apps making their way to mobile, the mobile workforce carries great momentum. But who exactly is mobile? You or your organization? Believe it or not, there’s a difference.

Consider the following : 

  • Is your organization encouraging adoption in an effort to increase efficiency and efficient decision-making?
  • Is mobile about improving enterprise-wide productivity?

If you can answer yes, good job. If not, you’re not alone. Most companies face challenges when creating a mobile workforce. Yet, the biggest challenge is not having one at all. A lack of mobility is a sure fire way in invite inefficient alternatives. Not only does this open up risk, it’s also inefficient, both of which can slow a company down.

What Can Mobile Do For You?

Contrary to popular belief, mobility doesn’t need to be cost prohibitive. Companies have found that they need not always purchase and distribute mobile devices to their employees. By turning away from a one-size fits all deployment model, companies are using what they have. Employees may be willing to use their own devices in the enterprise, if there is incentive for doing so, like access to the ECM suite, for instance.

Mobility is primarily about making things easier and more engaging. When defining the mobility goals for your company, be sure that the following are somewhere on the list.

  • Provide alternative, access to your ECM suite
  • Keep people connected to high value information
  • Increase efficiency personally and professionally
  • Be more responsive to customers

When choosing the mobility technology upon which your mobility strategy will be based, consider these 5 issues:

  • Security: will data be secure?
  • Reliability: can it be used anywhere, anytime?
  • Adoption: is it sticky? Does it meet the needs of employees?
  • Deployment: is it easy?
  • Cost: is it affordable?

No matter where you are in the mobile workforce, ask yourself and your company these questions. Not only will they help keep you on the right track, they will ensure that your mobile workforce is productive and efficient.