Jive Software (news, site) updates its Social Business Software to version 4.5, packing in over 150 enhancements, as the company prepares to go for an IPO.

Quick Ways To Communicate

Jive's SBS has been offering social networking, collaboration and community features to enterprises since 2001. The latest update is dedicated to supplying all the requested features from its impressive existing userbase.

New features include microblogging, adding the power of Twitter-like messages to your enterprise. You can even post messages on Twitter with an appropriate hashtag to see them appear within your Jive system. Instant messaging is another addition, integrating with other commercial solutions to help users chat seamlessly.


Add a sense of community to your enterprise

Among those features with enhancements are user profiles, group discussions and project management to add a wider collaboration feel. Further features like tagging and ratings have been improved to help promote good information move to the top. Video support has been updated, making the feature a plugin and coming with FlowPlayer for improved performance and compatibility.

Improvements on the Back-end

Aside from work on new features, there has been development on the back end too. The package can also be run in virtual (VMWare) environments. Performance has been boosted, with throughput up to 2.75 times faster than a similarly specified 4.0 installation.

OpenSocial support has also been added, allowing developers to create custom tools based on company data, while widgets can be created for enterprise-exclusive tools and apps.

Improvements have also been made to the Mobile and iPhone apps. Users can view recent activity and interact with content. They can also upload rich media images from their phone in a single click.


Mobile users get new features too

Jive is supplied as a Foundation version with most of the features a company will need and a bunch of extensions and modules for specific verticals, including analytics, connectors for Office and SharePoint and so on. Jive SBS is available as a SaaS-based Express version at US$ 3 a user per month or as an on-premises version with pricing varying depending on your company needs.

Jive On the Rise

With 2009 having been a record year for Jive, the company is now looking toward an IPO that will enable it to expand faster and invest more in its software and products. You can also join Jive's CEO, Tony Zingale, for a discussion of the future of SBS on June 14