Kapow Web Data Server 7.2 Focuses on Usability for Data Access, Integration

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Kapow Technologies (news, site) released Kapow Web Data Server 7.2 -- the first major release since 7.0 a year ago.

The focus is on real-time web data access, usability and control for building, testing and deploying data feeds, integrations and new enterprise applications.

Moving from 7.1 to 7.2

Architecture Side Comparison

This is what Kapow's architecture looked like in the 7.1 release:

kapow 7.1 arch.jpg

Kapow 7.1 architecture

And here’s howKapow has enhanced the new version from the architectureperspectivewith the addition of web-based management layer:

kapow 7.2 arch.jpg

Kapow 7.2 architecture

Learning Opportunities

NewFeatures in 7.2

On the usability side, among new features inKapow Web Data Server 7.2 is Design Studio – an integrated visualdevelopment environment (IDE) for development, testing and deployment ofKapow robots.

There are also GUI improvements with new look and feel,mouse-over text and new icons.

kapow 7.2 IDE.jpg

Kapow new IDE

Browser-based Scheduler fordata extraction and serving has been enhanced with the ability tomonitor robots and their statuses via additional management capabilitiesfor production monitoring and notifications.

kapow 7.2 scheduler.jpg

Kapow 7.2 scheduler

The newweb-based Data Viewer can be used to view and browse collected data withthe ability to get robots’ output to databases and other formats suchas MS Excel, XML and CSV; and access to FTP directories in browser view.