Kapow Technologies
Austin, TX, the lonestar state's technology mecca, welcomes a new resident in the form of mashup developer Kapow Technologies. Along with opening a new U.S. development and customer support facility, the company has also acquired new talent in the shape of Chris Chauvin (Director of SaaS) and Phil Scales (Chief Architect for SaaS), both of whom specialize in SaaS deployment and development. News of the expansion should come as no surprise: the company announced stunning financial results in August, with 50% year on year growth and 50 new enterprise clients in the year to date. This success is built on Kapow's flagship Mashup Server product which comes in Data Collection, Content Migration, Web 2.0, and Portal Content editions. Each of these products have distinguishing characteristics, but they share a common goal: accessing and reusing any web based data source in a productive scripting environment.

But how does Kapow Mashup Server actually work?

Kapow Mashup Server renders context to data which enables it to be used for other applications. For instance, developers can use it to process content from Atom or RSS feeds, not to mention regular web content, and transform that data into another format (like XML) or integrate it with an enterprise CMS. Kapow Mashup Server enables developers to more easily build mashup solutions with whatever content they want, regardless of whether the resident content domain has the appropriate mashup-friendly infrastructure. Enterprise editions of Mashup Server will cost enterprise users upwards of $50,000, but there is a free hosted version called OpenKapow which individual users will enjoy fooling around with. For more information about all of Kapow Technology's offerings, head over to the product page.