Knowledge Management Gets More Social and Secure

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Knowledge Management Gets More Social and Secure
Inmagic (news, site) responded to the collaboration craze this morning with the release of Presto 3.5. The newest version of their social knowledge network solution delivers perks like enhanced discussion forums, extended single sign-on and improved performance. 

The Social Norm

Knowledge Management has been a popular topic in the enterprise 2.0 space, but, given the goings-on of this decade, social knowledge management is quickly catching up. Inmagic's Presto 3.5 accordingly offers: 

  • Discussion forums: Connects collaboration activities, such as comments and ratings, to a specific process or topic and retains discussion details. 
  • Content relations: Establishes a one-to-one or one-to-many relationship between Presto objects. 
  • “Social Security” through Extended SSO: Provides striated levels of access to information based on user authorization and privileges.
  • Enterprise-scale performance optimization: Enhances search performance for large organizations with substantial repositories, and ingestion performance is improved for data loading.

 Inmagic Presto 3.5 discussion forums



Inmagic Prest 3.5 report generator

Learning Opportunities

Mind the Information Gap

With these enhancements Inmagic hopes to close the gap that occurs when staff are forced to trade in control and ease-of-use for functionality and security. For example, discussion forums are built to focus on specific topics in a secure environment, while the single sign-on feature provides security that is tailored exactly to an organization's needs. 

“Presto 3.5 extends the application of Social Knowledge Networks through KnowledgeNets, putting collaborative relationships between experts and staff in the context of business objectives, and improves performance and security for a more holistic approach to information access and collaboration," says Bob Warren, Vice President of Products at Inmagic. 

Check out more information about Presto on Inmagic's official site