Lucid Imagination (news, site), commercial provider of services for open source enterprise search platform Apache Solr/Lucene, has announced the general availability of LucidWorks 1.7 with a number of new features, such as SharePoint integration, that make the platform more attractive for enterprise customers.

What’s New for Solr/Lucene

Solr/Lucene continues to grow in popularity and adoption. Companies from web goliaths like eBay to small-to-medium businesses have adopted the search platform, which provides features that rival expensive commercial solutions. Lucid Imagination embraced the platform and its success by offering the floods of new customers commercial-quality support and value-added features via LucidWorks Enterprise that are not available in the core Apache platform.

The latest release, version 1.7, includes a number of fixes and enhancements to version 1.6 released in December. The latest release focuses on enterprise readiness, adding features that are important for adoption in most enterprise environments such as improved security and data integration. Version 1.7 also includes core search enhancements from the Solr 4.x trunk. Other notable features in the release include:

  • Search result grouping / Field Collapsing --  Grouping multiple similar results into a single entry, like items within a category or emails in a thread; the feature also allows grouping by query
  • Sort result sets by functions -- Allows configuration of the search relevancy result set using functions to create relevancy algorithms within the result of a query, eliminating the need to write custom rankers
  • Spell check against the existing index
  • Numeric range facets (similar to date faceting) -- Allows users to organize and analyze data and content using numeric parameters
  • Spatial search, including spatial filtering, boosting and sorting capabilities -- Allows improved integration of  location-based information into search applications
  • Auto Suggest component
  • Better control of data acquisition timing and sources
  • SharePoint CMS Connector -- A new connector for Sharepoint, which allows indexing of Sharepoint from the LucidWorks Enterprise console; the release includes support for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and SharePoint 2010.
  • Security Enhancements -- Improved integration and validation of security into search applications; several enhancements are made to the user experience for managing privileges, groups and LDAP integration, as well as a REST API is supported

A full set of documentation of the functionality in the latest release is available here.


LucidWorks search UI

Getting LucidWorks Enterprise 1.7

LucidWorks Enterprise 1.7 is available now and is free for development and testing. The upgrade is free for current customers, but requires an active LucidWorks Enterprise Subscription.  

Have you downloaded 1.7? Let us know what you think.