At the Lotusphere conference this week you may have been among the lucky ones to see a demo of the latest Mainsoft SharePoint Integrator for Lotus Notes. This latest version includes integration to Lotus Notes 8.5.

The SharePoint Integrator for Lotus Notes is a client-side plug in that extends the functionality of Lotus Notes and Sametime Instant Messaging to include SharePoint document libraries. What's in the latest edition that wasn't in the earlier versions?

Business Mashups

Version 8.5 integrates custom IBM Domino and Java applications with SharePoint libraries. The integrated solution runs as a mashup on the Lotus Notes 8.5 desktop.




Business Mashup

Support for composite applications is done using the Lotus Notes 8.5 extension points. These extension points enable sidebar applications (like the SharePoint Integrator) to participate in mashups with Domino, Java apps and the IBM widget catalog.

Calendar Federation

In addition, SharePoint and Lotus Notes calendars can be integrated. This is done by federating the SharePoint team calendar into the Notes calendar.




Federated Calendar

In the Lotus Notes calendar, users can directly view, create and edit entries in their SharePoint team calendar. Synchronization works both ways, which is good for those who tend to work in both environments. There's also an offline feature that comes with Lotus Notes that SharePoint appointments can also take advantage of.

All this new capability may look good, but you are going to have to wait a while yet to get your hands on it. Mainsoft says SharePoint Integrator 8.5 will not be available until Quarter 2 of this year. Until then, take a look at what else Mainsoft has to offer, or see what other types of SharePoint connectors are out there.