Memopal Offers Free Cloud Storage Option
Get your 3GB of free cloud-storage from Memopal (news, site) to store your files and test out the service to see if their larger offerings will tempt you to upgrade.

Another Place to Keep Your Data

There are plenty of services to store data online, but do you really want to leave your data in some nebulous storage "place"? If you have plumped for cloud storage, in most cases, companies or individual users will pick one service and stick with it, unless price changes force them to look else where. So, how do you tempt users to give your service a go? Giving it away for free seems a reasonable start.

Okay, so 3GB isn't exactly going to solve a company's storage woes, but it can still prove a useful resource for keeping those vital files tucked securely away.

As an alternative to sending files by email or FTP, it also has a lot of advantages and there is no silly demand for your credit card details.


Dip your toe in the waters of cloud storage for free

Cloud Boosting

Storage is managed by a small downloaded application and it works on PCs, Macs, Linux and iPhone. The program offers a quick backup feature to help archive your My Documents or a specified folder.

Then you can access and recover, update or change what you keep in your storage space with ease. You can share files with a click, an email will be sent to the people you want to share with and they can access the file(s) for free.

When you've uploaded some files, you can navigate and search them via a browser. Documents have suitable .xls or .doc thumbnails while you can see image previews in their thumbnails. 

Obviously, Memopal would really like you to subscribe and has updated its offers to tempt users to part with some cash. These are US$49 for 200Gb of personal storage while business users get discounts for multi-year contracts.