Metalogix Offers the Enterprise Email Archiving for Cheap
If there's one thing we can be sure of, it's that traditional e-mail is outdated. Whether it be from the Enterprise or Web 2.0 side of things, companies are attempting to redefine either the whole shebang (Google Wave) or just certain aspects of it (FMYI).

On board with the latter is Metalogix (news, site), whose fourth complete version of their e-mail archiving tool attempts to redefine, well, e-mail archiving. The recent release features inexpensive enterprise-level perks like federated search, e-discovery and lifecycle management.

Metalogix Professional Archive Manager

While based on our reviews you may recognize Metalogix for being a regular ol' SharePoint groupie, the company also offers e-mail archiving solutions for Microsoft Exchange.

They key belief here is that Exchange already has enough on its plate, so the Metalogix Professional Archive Manager stores e-mails and attachments in a different location to free up space and potential overworking. Archived e-mails are available for the actions you'd expect them to be available for, including retrieval, deletion and restoration.

Today the Metalogix Professional Archive Manager is reportedly used by more than 1,300 customer enterprises for archiving messages and attachments to their heart's content. And, considering the tool was voted voted No.1 by the readers of, we presume they're really content.

The Fourth Generation

The new versionof Metalogix Professional Archive Manager reportedly comes with more than 25 enhancements and or additions including:

  • Federated search
  • Advanced search within a search
  • Enhanced e-discovery, search and litigation hold functionality
  • Tagging and archived document classification support
  • PST file segmenting for automatic exporting of PST files
  • Automatic installation configuration

"Metalogix is out to redefine the e-mail archiving market category by delivering our mature and proven Exchange archiving solution..." said Chris Risley, CEO, Metalogix. "There is simply no reason for organizations to be over-spending on this function. We want to make it more affordable for today`s enterprises to adopt archiving as a critical component of their Enterprise Content Management strategy."

Affordable = Less Than $20 (Really!!)

That is, the tool is a mere US$ 15 per mailbox. Not bad, ey? Metalogix has been on an inexpensive kick for a long while now, and among those glad to see them continuing the trend is Joseph Martina of Data Mobility Group: "With a product that is less than a quarter of the price of the old-guard vendors, Metalogix is set to shake up the enterprise market. Such an aggressive move may convince many organizations that the time to add email archiving is now."

The price stays fifteen bucks so long as you're within North American borders, otherwise you'll have to hit up your local reseller. On the cheery-up, anyone can get a 30 day trial for free. Do so here, or head over to the Metalogix site for more info about the tool.