microsoft sharepoint conference 2014

SharePoint gurus, developers and convention crashers can set the date for 2014's big Microsoft shindig for all things social business, enterprise and collaboration. 

What Shares in Vegas

With big tech events in all the news this week, SharePoint developers and users might be feeling a little left out.  We've seen Apple's WWDC where they showed the world iOS 7, Microsoft itself unveiled the Xbox One at E3 and  even the Southern Baptists were partying, quietly, in New Orleans. 

But those with fond memories of previous SharePoint conferences (the last one was back in 2012) can look forward to doing it all over again, while trying out the latest developments in SharePoint and the associated ecosytem. Microsoft is promising to bring the community back together and will likely have lots of news to share. 

The event's Facebook page has started getting some new posts (although it still has last conference's logos on it), and you can sign up for more information ahead of the opening for registration later this year. With SharePoint usage increasing all the time, expect a lot more interest this time around, although we'd be impressed if it sold out in the 72 seconds it took WWDC to manage. 

Learning Opportunities


A Changed Landscape

With Office 365, mobile and cloud usage growing rapidly, it will be a changed landscape when Microsoft's leaders take the stage for the keynote next year. With the likes of Yammer integration, wide-ranging app development and support features around SharePoint are also growing at speed. 

So, it'll be an exciting time and a massive event for SharePoint users and developers, keep an eye on the page for details and get ready to book your tickets. Probably a good time to start keeping an eye on the #spc14 hashtag to see who else is going.