Microsoft's new collaboration and knowledge sharing strategy shows great promise, according to analyst firm Basex. In a recently release report Basex evaluates the complete Office System including InfoPath, FrontPage, OneNote and LiveMeeting. This evaluation is the first in-depth look at the new Microsoft Office System 2003, which consists of multiple components including content management, e-mail and instant messaging, online conferencing, and collaborative workspaces.Key Findings Include: -- Microsoft Office System 2003 is not a mere brand extension of its popular Office Suite offering, but rather a coordinated set of tools which can be used to create comprehensive Collaborative Business Environments -- Friction-free Knowledge Sharing, a critical aspect of the Collaborative Business Environment, is a key benefit of Microsoft Office System, as it leverages XML to share information between desktop, workgroup and enterprise, and products such as Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server and Microsoft Live Communications Server to bring other Microsoft products into a Collaborative Business Environment -- Microsoft is in a strong position to leverage the ubiquity of its Office Suite applications, such as Word and Excel, as entry points to the enterprise deployment of Microsoft Collaborative Business Knowledge tools but enterprise customers are not getting the appropriate messaging and remain confused due to the Office branding You can access the original report online, but you must pony-up USD 199 for the privilege.