Mindjet Releases MindManager for iPad, iPhone and the Mac
I like my iPad, but I haven't been able to find a decent brainstorming tool for it. MindManager (newssite) has come to my rescue. And if you also use a Mac or an iPhone and have the same problem, it has come to your rescue too.

Got a Mac? Get Mindjet

Mindjet has offered its collaboration tool, MindManager for the PC for a long time now. And many of us have either played with it or used it religiously for brainstorming, project management, knowledge management and more. There has also been a Mindjet for the Mac for a while, but it didn't support the wide range of features that the Windows version does.


MindManager 9 Mac

As of today, MindManager 9 is available for the Mac and it comes with some in demand features such as:

  • A quick entry feature to allow you to get a list of items down quickly and then select each one to build further detail.
  • The ability to organize information better by prioritizing and adding link resources -- similar to how it's done in the Windows version.
  • Improvements to communication including a slide creation mode and the ability to create a slideshow to collect feedback and easily share ideas/information. According to Mindjet's Blaine Mathieu, Chief Products Officer, this was the number one requested feature from Mac users.
  • Compatibility with FreeMind, a free mind mapping Mac tool allows users to easily upgrade to MindManager 9.


In addition to these major features, there were also a number of enhancements that make MindManager 9 for the Mac more Mac-like.

We asked Mathieu why the strong focus on the Mac. He indicated that Macs are gaining market share amongst its business and enterprise clients. It's obviously no longer just a PC world in organizations today as employees are being allowed the option of what type of operating system they want.

Is there anything major still missing in MindManager 9 for the Mac? The advanced PM capabilities like the Gantt Chart aren't there, but according to Mathieu, this isn't a big ticket item for the majority of their customers.

Mindjet Goes Mobile

And in keeping with the Apply focus, Mindjet has also announced two new mobile offerings: for Mindjet for the iPad and Mindjet for the iPhone. These are two separate products that support the same capabilities but are designed for the form factor of each technology.

The first versions of Mindjet for the iPad and iPhone were developed with two key focuses:

Learning Opportunities

  1. Usability: Like all that cool finger swiping you can do on your iPad or iPhone? Well Mindjet has that built in, and it will make it easier to build your maps quickly. Also, a quick double tap/press option brings up the Cut, copy, paste features and you can take a photo with your iPhone/iPad camera and use it immediately in your map. Finally, you can quickly share your maps via email (as a mmp or pdf) and via DropBox integration.
  2. Compatibility: This one will be important for those of you switching between your desktop MindManager and your mobile app. It's obvious that there are some advanced features in the desktop app that can't be developed within the mobile app. But what you don't want is to use those features in your map, then open that map in the mobile app and have all that work disappear when you update and go back to the desktop. Mindjet ensures us that you can now create your map with advanced features (such as embedding spreadsheets), make changes in Mindjet iPad or Mindjet iPhone and then go back to the desktop app where your advanced features are still available. The advanced content may show up in the mobile app, but is not editable (in some cases it may not show up at all).


Mindjet iPad

Mindjet iPad and Mindjet iPhone come based on the acquisition of myMind, a mobile visual development company who had spent over a year and a half developing its software for iPad and iPhone. Along with the software, the myMind team was brought on board to continue the development of the software. Because Mindjet says that this is only the beginning of what we can expect for our mobile devices.


Mindjet iPhone

Mindjet iPhone and iPad expected to be available any day now on the iTunes Store ($US 6.99 for iPhone and $US 8.99 for the iPad) -- note that you must have an iPad or iPhone device using iOS4.0 or later. MindManager 9 for the Mac is expected to be available on June 23rd.

There's a Map for That

Finally for those of you keen on creating and sharing your maps, Mindjet's public community portal Maps for That! has announced the Mappies, an awards program for the best maps available on the portal.